Are the Fallen Angels Returning? Terrifying Sounds Coming Out of the Ground of the Euphrates River

As the waters of the Euphrates River have been receding people have been venturing into territories that previously had been inaccessible before. What they are finding are caves or caverns that seem like they could’ve held someone or something prisoner at one time. In these areas, archeologists have been recording sounds coming from the ground. […]

Did God Declare Some Food Unclean Because It Was Created By the Watchers Via Genetic Tampering?

I wrote this in 2017. Just putting it here on my blog now by request. I’m always a little hesitant/embarrassed to put up old things I’ve written because I feel I’ve changed so much and I would not have written it the same today. But I still believe in the basic premise of this article. […]

Are the Taliban Genetically Modified Lab Creations Being Imported into Afghanistan by the U.S?

Do you guys remember back in 2018 when the Syrian U.N. ambassador demanded (at two different UN mtgs) for the United States to stop “importing” their “genetic lab creations” into the country? Basically accusing the U.S. of bringing in soulless super soldier lab creations which was what ISIS was comprised of. This is why ISIS […]

Thoughts On Spiritual Warfare

Being 6 months sober and living for the first time without leaning on chemicals, I often struggle with getting through the seemingly long hours in the day, especially if there are things bothering me or major stressors happening. It’s often very hard to sit in my own skin, with my thoughts swirling around. Restless irritable […]

Vision of Angelic Armies Sent To Heal & Restore The Saints

THE GRAND FINALE: VISIONS FROM THE HEAVENLY SYMPHONY BY MAURICE SKLAR May 13th, 2019 In late October and November of 1989, The LORD Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah visited me and gave me a panoramic vision of the End Times. Though I remembered and recorded much of that vision in my previous book “Revelations for the […]