Vision of Angelic Armies Sent To Heal & Restore The Saints



May 13th, 2019

In late October and November of 1989, The LORD Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah visited me and gave me a panoramic vision of the End Times. Though I remembered and recorded much of that vision in my previous book “Revelations for the Midnight Hour,” it was all deposited inside my spirit as a “spiritual download” with a time seal over it. Similar to a time capsule, I could not share or access it until the right time and season to do so. In late November of 2005, the first part was unsealed for me. For the next seven years (2005-2012) I wrote it down as God released it to me in different supernatural ways. This vision is coming rapidly to publication and will be available soon!

However, the last part of this “time sealed vision/revelation” was never unsealed. I could not access it. Sometimes I would share about it, and get to the edge of it, and I could go no further. I simply could not. The LORD would not let me. On this past Sunday, April 21st, 2019 (Easter Sunday) at about 4:00 pm in Richardson, Texas, the seal on it broke, and these visions began flooding into my spirit. They are still coming. I am now doing the best I can to sit down and chronicle what I am seeing and hearing. It is both inspiring and overwhelming. I pray for God’s help to faithfully record what I am experiencing.

Vision #1: The Heavenly Symphony Scroll

Kneeling before God’s Throne, we were worshiping with the Angelic Choir and Symphony Orchestra. There was great glory coming up before the Father as sweet incense. The Father spoke, “Arise, My son, the time has come for you to receive the revelation of “the Symphony for the End of the Age.”

I wondered, “What in the world am I doing here?” Then, as if God heard my silent question, my angel came forward and whispered in my ear: “This is the music that will both accompany and release the final glories and judgments of God into the Earth. The Holy Spirit has written, through the Great Seven Composers in Heaven, the score that will be performed to prophesy all of these end-time events. Listen, receive, and record the visions as you hear and experience the revelations the music reveals.” I sat in a great chair next to the twenty-four elders. They were seated on a dais to the right of the Throne. Directly opposite was a large delegation of “The Musical Witnesses” with thousands behind them. In the front of this delegation were seven throne-like chairs, just to the left of the Throne. The “Great Seven” composers of God’s Music were seated there with other composers, musicians, and artists seated behind them. I did not recognize the person sitting next to me, and then I realized it was King David! Feeling very small and out of place, once again, I thought why was I here?

The Great Seven composers from the Gentile Church Age were summoned to come and present their musical offerings for the Grand Finale: the Great Symphony to usher in the Kingdom of God to the Earth. The first to stand and come before the Father was Johann Sebastian Bach – the King of Composers. He wore a magnificent crown on his head. I was surprised to see him wearing a white wig of long curly hair and dressed very similar to the style worn while alive on Earth. He was carrying a scroll containing a musical score, he kneeled and placed it at the feet of the Father’s Throne.

Next, George Frederick Handel came forward, dressed in a similar way, placing his scroll/score next to Bach’s. Then came Franz Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Felix Mendelssohn, then finally, Gustav Mahler came forward, kneeled and completed the seven offerings.

Marveling at this procession, I realized that these composers gave their gifts to God on Earth and were set apart to write this grand “magnum opus” for the Great Day of the LORD. The time of the Great Day is now upon us, and this musical work would be performed in Heaven very soon.

To my surprise, more artists, both visual and performing, came forward. The best choirs and musicians of Heaven were chosen by King David to join this performance in perfect divine order. Singers, dancers of many styles, organists, prophetic painters, illustrators, and many other artists that I did not comprehend were chosen and set in place. Many of Heaven’s great artists and musicians would participate in the performance of “The Grand Finale” – the Symphony releasing the Final Harvests and Judgments in the Earth!

These scrolls were given to Yeshua, our Messiah, by the Chief Musician, King David Himself! Then, in Yeshua lap (He was seated on the Throne next to the Father), all seven scrolls melted into one big scroll that contained the entire work of the Great Seven Composers. This piece was – God’s Grand Finale!

The LORD asked me to come forward. As I kneeled before Him, He gave me a copy of the score. As it was handed it to me, it turned into a loaf of Challah-like bread in Yeshua’s hand!). He still held the original scroll, but the whole Symphony somehow went into this bread! The LORD said to me, “EAT IT! It will be sweet in your mouth, but it will be a heavy burden to you all the days you remain in your body on Earth. You will hear the music, experience the visions contained within it, and write what you see and hear, so my people will know what is SOON TO COME TO PASS ON EARTH! The Harvest of the Earth is NOW UPON YOU.”

The bread tasted like the best, fresh, honey-coated, delicate pastry! It was exceptionally delicious! As I ate it, I had great dread in my spirit, because I knew that I could never go back now to the Earth and be the same.

This vision ended at about sundown during the closing service of the conference in Texas.

Vision #2: The Devastating Battlefield

The Symphony began, and I saw in a vision a vast battlefield. There were bodies on the ground, millions of them, as far as my eyes could see. Most were not moving at all. Some were groaning and trying to breathe and move a little. Many looked like they were only half alive. Parts of bodies were blown off of some. Most looked dead. Some had spears and arrows stuck in them that pinned them to the ground. Others maimed with just had a few remains of a head here; a leg there; and an arm there. There were millions of bodies scattered everywhere.

A terrible attack had taken place which looked hopeless for this army, but what was most alarming for me was I could not see the end of it. This scene stretched for miles and miles with everyone dead or nearly dead and with remains of demons as well. The attack had been overwhelming against this army. Swords had skewered many of the fallen; there were large holes in the ground where the bomb blasts and artillery fire had hit the ground and made gaping pits in the vast battle plain before me. 

We started to ascend into the air with the angel who was escorting me. As we flew above, I viewed this battlefield in a panoramic sweep. It seemed to go on and on. Millions of people were dying; most were barely alive, many looked dead. It was a horrible sight; I wept as I saw it, for I knew these men and women that had fallen were God’s people. They were all nearly massacred!

Then the angel took me to a high mountain where we could see even better and farther away and we ascended some distance. As I was standing on the top of this mountain, I could see the entire battlefield from above. It was even more significant than I had feared. The whole world was represented. The angel asked me, “Do you know what this is?” I said, “No sir.” He said, “This is the remains of the Mighty Warriors of your generation. Satan’s war machine has nearly wiped out the Armies of the LORD.”

This portion of music stopped with a tragic cadence. I wept in near despair.

Vision #3: The Picnic Under The Tree of Life

As the breathtakingly beautiful music began again, in my spirit, suddenly, we were in a different place. We were at the top of another small mountain that afforded us a perfect view of a vast park below us with perfectly manicured flowers, trees, fountains, and gold pathways that wound through it as far as the eye could see. The streams of the River of Life flowed through it, and all were singing the praises of God. It was so perfect that I knew this must be in Heaven. There was a large white pearly gate with the words “The Garden of the LORD” in blazing gold letters in a magnificent arch over our heads. As we walked under this gate, many angels and saints were walking alongside us. Some were coming in; others were going out. They all were smiling and greeting us, with some of the saints wearing royal robes and crowns.

Two angels were escorting me now. One said, “We must go to the Trees of Life. We must take their leaves and fruit to those dying on the battlefield. The armies of the LORD must be healed and restored to life on the Earth!” The gardens were magnificent – like nothing on Earth! There were flowers, trees, birds and alcoves. As the beautiful fragrances of the flowers wafted towards us, a bluebird came and sang an Aria about the healing glories of our LORD and all the plants were singing the praises of God with her!

We entered a section of the Garden called “The Healing Gardens”, and we approached a central avenue. It was a broad boulevard paved with transparent, translucent gold. Fruit trees and flowers were resplendent on each side, and down the middle were the most magnificent trees of all! I went to a tree and was allowed to pick a giant peach off of it. It was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. It was even better and sweeter than the Symphony bread I had eaten! God’s healing power and life surged through me! As I ate the peach, I first plunged into the fountain of the blood of Yeshua and was cleansed. Then on the second bite, I seemed to dive into the River of Life, and every cell of my spiritual body and soul filled with the light, life, and glory of God. I was instantly cleansed, purified, healed, and made whole as I had never suffered anything in my past.

We approached another giant tree which was right next to the River of Life that flowed from God’s Throne into the central boulevard of the Garden of the Lord. The River of Life was magnificent, wide, and a perfect translucent blue. There were gondolas and small boats on the River that passed us in both directions. There were ladies with parasols and long dresses, and men in white tails and ladies in fancy, old fashioned hats riding in these gondolas. The angels were singing to them as they floated along! It looked like a scene from old Venice or an impressionist painting of a park in Paris in the late 1890s. The joy, the peace and the beauty were overwhelming!

I saw the Trees of Life right beside the River. These twelve trees were the largest and the most beautiful trees I had ever seen and perfectly spaced along the River beside the boulevard. There was a narrow lawn where many were picnicking under the trees. The tree we were closest to looked like a noble, massive, sprawling live oak tree, similar to what you would find an antebellum plantation in America, but much more substantial. It had a wide towering trunk like a giant redwood or Sequoia, but the branches, the leaves and the fruit still hung down so low you could reach up and take them and eat. I was surprised when I watched someone pick one, and as soon as he took it, another even larger fruit immediately grew back in the same spot and replaced it!

I saw some of the other trees, but they were all different. The tree I got to see closely and to eat from was named, “Joy For Sorrow.” We sat down under it at a perfect picnic spread! Everyone was dressed like the Toulouse-Lautrec painting, eating under this huge tree, having a Parisian, Victorian- style high tea, looking at the River of Life, with other families. Children were there, gentlemen in stovepipe hats, ladies with parasols and fancy hats on, and everyone dressed like royalty. Everything was perfect, the weather, the food, the people and the animals! Fish jumped out of the water at times, birds were singing in perfect tune, sweet pets were with the families. The most impressive thing was the salad and fruit we ate from this tree which Angels brought to us in golden bowls. The leaves tasted like the most delicious lettuce I had ever eaten. The fruit of this tree we were under tasted like a guava/papaya/peach mixture which we ate together in the salad, along with our tea, pastries, and small finger sandwiches. We drank sweet, sparkling wine that made us laugh! The salad and fruit dish was ecstasy to eat! I felt full of joy and love, and all of my past pain seemed to be nothing but a faraway memory that would never come again. I couldn’t even remember what depression and sorrow felt like! It was just….GONE like it never existed!

I was joined by my late Father and mother, and three young children (my brother and two sisters that were miscarried and never grew up on Earth). My Great-Aunt Frances was there along with my grandmother, whom I had never met, and my Great-Great-Great Great grandfather (who had been a Hasidic Rabbi in Ukraine, Russia). My spiritual mother, Gwen Shaw, sat with my family under the tree for this picnic in Heaven. What joy! I never wanted it to end! But, then this portion of music ended and the vision rapidly faded into a pastel rainbow of colors and finally disappeared.

Vision #4: The Vision of Gathering the Leaves and Fruit from the Trees of Life and the Great Battle to Carry Them to the Earth

A majestic melody started, and another vision began. The two angels who were escorting me came back and said, “It is time to take the healing leaves and fruit from these twelve Healing trees back to the Armies of the LORD on earth.” I saw multitudes of angels come down from the sky of Heaven with giant baskets on their backs, and what looked like large, pruning shears in their hands. The angels, assisted by many saints, brought thousands of these large old-fashioned wicker baskets under the trees and opened their lids. They began cutting off the branches, shoots with the leaves and the fruit from the giant trees which then fell to the ground. They put them into the baskets from under the Joy for Sorrow Tree where we ate. Suddenly, all over the Garden of the Lord, everyone was dressed in gold and blue uniforms with matching gloves. I don’t know how we changed clothes. A great Warrior Archangel, spoke in a booming voice, “Gather all the baskets together and prepare for battle!” There were millions of warrior angels in battle formation and full armor that appeared in the outer space over the planet Heaven. Behind them were the angels carrying the giant baskets on their backs full of the leaves and the fruit from the Trees of Life in the Garden of the LORD. One of the Angelic escorts said to us all as we were ascending to join the Warrior Host above us in the outer atmosphere of Heaven,”These Trees are for the healing of the nations, but first, My Holy Armies on Earth must eat of them, so they can go forth to fulfill the Great Commission. The Midnight Hour is upon us! The Harvest has begun! Now, we must break through the second Heaven to the Earth!”

Suddenly a great trumpet blast sounded followed by seven loud blasts from different areas in response. The millions of warring angels began to move forward faster and faster through space with their swords drawn in front of them. They shouted together, “For the Glory of the Lamb and the Healing of the Nations!” Another trumpet blast sounded, and the angelic hosts descended into the second Heaven. They were going to war!

Ahead there were legions of evil spirits, riding on black horses with fiery red eyes, massive in size, for as far as I could see. At the front of this army of evil, about fifty fallen angel principalities were seated on creatures that looked like flying dragons. All had swords and the same fiery red eyes. The warring angels were charging toward them at breakneck speed as we descended into space over the Earth. When the two forces hit each other, there was a deafening thunderclap, and the angels that were carrying the war trumpets gave a blast that shook me to my core. It was the loudest sound I had ever heard in my lifetime! As they clashed, there was a laser-like light that surrounded the heavenly army, which became a barrier that the evil forces could not penetrate and trample the angels, although some of their swords did pierce it and some of the angels were wounded, for it was quite thin in some places. It seemed to be “an irresistible force hit an immovable object.” They pushed against each other for some time. Blades were piercing through the thin light barrier in front of them, and I saw many angels fall and even get trampled by the evil horses as quite a few broke through the light barrier. The evil hordes were breaking through and pushed the angels back for some time. It was fierce combat! It looked like the evil armies would prevail!

Suddenly, the laser light folded in on itself in front of the heavenly armies and became a sharp, bright, triangle that was shaped like a spearhead. The light no longer shielded those on the sides but became concentrated right in the center, growing brighter and brighter until it was blinding. From the front of the point, there came an explosion of lightning, and Yeshua emerged. He was riding on a huge white stallion. Before Him, the enemy army could not prevail. Yeshua had an expression of Holy Anger on His face and His sword was drawn in his right hand lifted high above His head. Lightning and fire were shooting out of it and hitting the front lines of the demonic horsemen. They cowered back in fear! The laser light was making a swath in an arc all around the LORD that grew larger and larger, and the evil armies were thrown back!


The moment He spoke these words, the brilliant laser light barrier in front of Him suddenly converged at the opening of His mouth, and imploded back into His mouth, like it had been sucked in by a mighty vacuum force. A moment later, it shot back out of His mouth in every direction in front of Him. Thousands of burning rays of blinding, white, burning, laser light shot out through the hearts of every evil spirit, demon, and creature. In an instant, they were consumed! All that was left was ashes and dust! The demonic hosts were gone. All of them!

Everyone looked around in amazement! One moment the evil forces were there, then the next moment, they had disappeared. All fell on our faces, in unison, before the LORD and began to worship Him for some time.

Yeshua, just sat on His horse motionless with a fierce look of the Lion of Judah! He was gazing down upon the Earth. I could not look at His face for long before turning away because of His blinding Light that surrounded Him. It was brighter than looking straight into the noonday sun! When we finished our worship, He went to the wounded angels and restored them. Many had been maimed. Some had had their heads, and limbs cut off. A few had their hearts and internal organs cut and ripped out of them. Some had perished. Yeshua healed those that were still “alive,” and many He recreated and brought back to life. I did not understand how angels can perish. However, it seemed, all of the heavenly armies were restored after He healed them. These angels of war had felt great pain and made great sacrifices of courage and valor. It was their great love for the saints on Earth that empowered them as they had fought.

It was a mighty victory, and all knew it was our LORD Yeshua, the Messiah, that gave us this victory. The demonic hosts were strong because of witchcraft and the incantations of the wicked men and women on Earth against the Bride of Messiah which were unleashed in unity trying to overthrow the Hosts of Heaven.

Now the music shifted, and a triumphant and noble hymn began to be sung and played. My angel said to me, “Not since the fall of Lucifer from Heaven, has there been so fierce a fight! Satan was warring to keep the Healing Angels from restoring the broken body of Messiah on Earth. This fight was the greatest spiritual battle that has come since before the creation of Adam.”

Then there was another ecstatic time of worship that was indescribable. I never wanted it to end! After the worship, there was another trumpet blast that sounded three notes. All of the Angels came back into formation, and we escorted the millions (it seemed) of Healing Baskets and Healing Angels to the Earth. They were now all flying in perfect formation through space to Earth. The Angelic Armies were ranked in legions according to their rank and function. There were too many to count. They kept coming and coming for some time as I was allowed to see them pass by. Then the Healing legions followed behind them – more than could be counted!

My angel said to me as we watched, “For the healing angels have no swords. They carry only the gifts of God and Holy Healing Oils and Balms. We must escort and protect them at all times. It is the intercessory prayers of the Bridal Remnant on Earth that empowered us to break through to victory. For the first time, they are bearing the very leaves and fruit from the Trees of Life in Heaven to the Bride of Messiah on the Earth. For the time of Her restoration, healing, purifying and adorning is here! It is the greatest honor for these warring angels to be given this assignment – to heal the broken Body of the LORD on Earth, and to guard and protect Her in her great assignment to bring the Gospel to every nation, and to fulfill the Great Commission.”

“NONE SHALL BE LOST THAT HAVE BEEN WRITTEN IN THE LAMB’S BOOK OF LIFE!”, the leading Archangel cried in a loud voice. All descended into the outer atmosphere of Earth. The warring angels dispersed in all directions into the nations, and the Healing Angels did the same. They were God’s “paramedics” to resuscitate the wounded and broken Bride of our LORD. I rejoiced, for I knew that our days of weakness and defeat were coming to an end!

The music rose to a magnificent climax, and this section of God’s Symphony ended.

Heavenly music is amazing; it is a perfect language that communicates to us in a living vision – like a movie that you are also inside of – experiencing every moment in vast detail of perception and experience with all your spiritual senses involved.

Finally, the angel that is helping me through these visions said to me, “You are given these details in these visions in a story form so that all can understand God’s Message for the Church, and the Bride can make Herself ready. You must write them exactly as they unfold before you. The Most High God is the greatest Story Teller of them all! He is the Author and the Finisher of your Faith. There is no need to argue about doctrine, dogma, or theology or debate in the carnal realm. Instead, Believe and Receive that your joy may be FULL!”

Yeshua is coming soon! People get ready for the Church’s Finest Hour. God’s Grand Finale is here! Hallelujah!


Dr. Maurice H. Sklar

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