Did God Declare Some Food Unclean Because It Was Created By the Watchers Via Genetic Tampering?

I wrote this in 2017. Just putting it here on my blog now by request. I’m always a little hesitant/embarrassed to put up old things I’ve written because I feel I’ve changed so much and I would not have written it the same today. But I still believe in the basic premise of this article.

And I do think now more than ever we should be careful about putting abominations in our temple (our body). We are already being hammered on all sides by the enemy trying to fill us with filth, abominations, technology and things that belong in a horror movie. The least we can do is keep the very obvious “curses” out of our body which violate us. Unclean food IS this. Be vigilant. It matters.

Did God Declare Some Food Unclean Because It Was Created By the Watchers Via Genetic Tampering?

You know what my friend Marcus Kaiser told me recently that I can’t get out of my head? That pigs are actually boar/human hybrids from the days of the Watchers messing with genetics.

Marcus Kaiser is someone I respect immensely. Always thought he was really intelligent. So to have someone like HIM tell me this gave me pause. 

So I asked Marcus how he knew this about pigs being part human and this is how he replied:

“Initial source is Dr Bill Deagle and confirmation is from various research and internal Holy Spirit confirmation. Why do you think they have kids practice biology on pig fetuses? Because their organs are so much like human organs. Why do you think that many pig organs can be transplanted into humans (but NO other kind of creature would work)? You also know of the Book of Giants that tells of genetic hybridization and corruption. This is also how all the dinosaurs were made – genetic splicing by Watchers. Why are we so fascinated, especially as kids, by dinosaurs? Its because we RECOGNIZE them as somehow foreign. Why is the T-Rex always debated: more like a bird, no, more like a lizard. Because the answer is YES – it is both. The giants needed massive food and engineered gigantic creatures that the environment (atmosphere, radiation, magnetics and other earth factors) would work with to be FOOD for them. You can cross a lion and tiger (Lyger) and you get a beast that is MUCH LARGER than either tiger of lion. There is something that happens from this cross-species mixing that creates giant sized beings – both when mixing humans with fallen angels and when mixing in the animal/fish.insect/etc lifeforms.”

So after Marcus’s response I listened to Dr Deagle who I respect immensely and he does indeed say that pigs are part boar, part human. And he’s not the only one.

This is a painting that John Podesta has up in his house.


And then I got to thinking. In the beginning of Genesis God tells Adam and Eve that they can eat ANY plant and animal. Any animal that lives and breathes is good to eat. 

Genesis 9:3 Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. I have given you all things, even as the green herbs.” 

Genesis 1:29 God said, “I have given you every plant with seeds on the face of the earth and every tree that has fruit with seeds. This will be your food. 

Genesis 1:30 And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground–everything that has the breath of life in it–I give every green plant for food.” 

So in the beginning, before the Watchers began mating with every living thing, the Bible appears to call ALL food clean. But then later, after the incursion of the Fallen angels (who according to Enoch, corrupted humans, animals and even plants) suddenly there is food and plants that shouldn’t be eaten or used. Pork being one of them. Anything with a cloven hoof is unclean unless it chews cud. 

I’ve been looking into it and studying Bible verses…looking at the animals that were later declared by God to be unclean and not fit to eat…and I’m almost positive now that this is possibly because their genetics have been messed with. They were not created by God.

In Leviticus he clearly calls them abominations. In Deuteronomy it says they are disgusting to the Lord. Why would His own creation be disgusting to Him?

Also someone mentioned to me that in the Bible the only time the word “flesh” is used is in relation to men OR to pigs.

“Which remain among the graves, and lodge in the monuments, which eat swine’s flesh, and broth of abominable things is in their vessels” – Isaiah 65:4

I have not looked into this myself but it’s definitely something to research.

Another friend told me that one of the reasons pork is forbidden is that it’s difficult to distinguish from human meat which means slaughtered humans can very easily be used for food and passed off as pork.

Also pigs are extremely smart but also extremely filthy animals. A pig farm is a GREAT way to get rid of dead bodies. They’ll even eat each other if there’s nothing else to eat.

If an animal is tasty, stupid and slow it’s more than likely a clean animal created by God for our consumption.

Also, in Leviticus, God forbids us to eat “any creepy crawly swarming thing”. It is unclean and an abomination. Going by my theory this means roaches, scorpions and spiders are also genetically impure. I’ve always had a hard time understanding why God would create roaches. Now it’s making more sense. He didnt.

Also interesting is that hybrid plants and vegetation made in a lab are sterile. In Genesis God instructs what plants are good to eat….one of the descriptions He gives is that the clean HAVE SEEDS.

We know from Enoch that the Watchers even corrupted the plants. The forbidden plants not to be eaten are plants like poison ivy, hemlock, deadly nightshade, lichens, molds, mosses amd mushrooms. Did the fallen angels create them via hybridization?

Ever since I’ve realized all of this, I can’t stomach pork or shrimp or any of these unclean foods.

I ate pork and shrimp and unclean animals up until the above idea hit me… because finally it makes sense!! God is just trying to protect us!! The people who say “the old law was done away with ” are implying that God was merely making up these “laws” to be a control freak. That there was no real common sense reason for them other than to order us around. Have they not learned yet that Gods laws are not about control? They’re only for protecting us from harm! And what has changed about these unclean animals? NOTHING!

Also, remember Peter’s vision of the unclean animals? The one used by the churches to declare that the dietary laws of the Old Testament had been done away with? In his vision Peter sees a bunch of unclean animals And God tells him to eat them. Peter says “No I would never do that Lord”. God says “What I have made clean you must not call unclean.”

The vision of unclean animals was merely an illustration God used to help Peter understand that salvation was now open to those who previously weren’t “eligible” for it. The Gentiles were those of “mixed blood”. The Jews were from the pure bloodline of Noah. God tells Peter “What I have made clean you must not call unclean”. This has nothing to do with a change of dietary laws under the New Covenant. Pigs are still abominations and still bad for you….It was merely God’s way of explaining to Peter that now salvation was open even to those who were of an impure bloodline. Ever wonder why there are so many different races? That look so very different from each other?? They didnt all come from Adam and Eve. I’ll just leave it at that. The pure bloodline mattered for salvation purposes….UNTIL the New Covenant. But salvation is now open to anyone. 

Ever wonder why the Bible is so careful in the Old testament (but not the New) about listing the genetic lines of who came from who? Those always used to annoy me when I was a kid. So and so came from so and so came from so and so and on and on. They kept very careful records….because especially back then….the bloodline mattered!! But Jesus death and resurrection grafted in ALL bloodlines so all who call on His name can now be saved.

THAT’S what the unclean animals in Peter’s vision symbolized. That those of an impure bloodline could now be purified by Jesus blood. The Gentiles being represented by the genetically impure unclean animals. This vision was NOT signifying that it was now suddenly okay to eat them though. This is another lie taught in seminaries and churches today though. By design of course.

The Bible does not leave us guessing about the real meaning of the vision. In Acts 10:28-29 Peter himself explains the meaning. He explains the vision as thus: “God has shown me that I should not call any man common or unclean” (Acts 10:28,) That is, one should not designate one group of human beings as ritually pure and another as ritually impure. The vision is not literally talking about eating or cannibalism. Instead, the clean and unclean animals were understood metaphorically to represent human beings.

Check out this short video where they pour coke on raw pork which causes maggots to surface.

The Rothschild’s are the ones who started pushing the whole “pig for breakfast” craze then they successfully got it on dinner tables everywhere in 1983 using the slogan “Pork …the other white meat” . They love to get the public to consume abominations. Did you know that pig’s blood can be found in almost all the vaccines they are in such a frenzy to get into us today? Vaccines are a witches brew of abominations. Hence the aborted fetal cells etc. They will try to curse us any way they can.

Also….after first posing this question….many ppl asked me…well then why did God allow the unclean animals on the ark along with the clean animals? I believe God’s instructions to Noah was that he was to take one pair of unclean animals and seven pairs of clean animals. I thought about it a bit and I’m thinking that perhaps after Adam and Eve sinned in the garden many of these unclean animals were now needed in a fallen world. For example the vultures…to clean up dead carcasses…now that death was a part of our world….the unclean animals actually served a purpose?

There’s a lot to consider here, I’m gonna look into this more but I just wanted to throw it out there and see what you guys think. It seems that the animals and sea creatures which are declared unclean and forbidden to eat by God is for a very practical reason. Maybe we should listen.

“Open your EYES oh SLEEPER… For your hours are at hand…. You are born for these days…. It is time to AWAKEN…. For the Kingdom has not yet found its last souls to cross through the doors…. Do you not know how LARGE the FATHER’s KINGDOM is…. And how frivolous and silly the darkness seems in comparison?? FEAR NOT the storm…. For these are the DAYS written of and dreamed of since the times of ADAM….. You will SEE THEM…. And — just as ENOCH — you are meant to understand as you SEE…. But definitely FEAR NOT the STORM…. for without the STORM, let me ask you this: What story is there to tell?” – Trey Smith

I also happened to stumble across a “Father Martin” who had recently gotten his hands on some very ancient manuscripts he had found hidden away…deep in the recesses of the Vatican library where he lives/works.

It’s the book of King Og, the Nephilim king who battled Israel and Moses…who is referenced in Deuteronomy and throughout the Bible as one of the last Nephilim giants. It is purported to be the only known writing that we have of a Nephilim.

The Catholic church says they have hidden it away all these years because it is “pagan”. Of course it’s pagan….it’s written by a Nephilim with references to his god baal throughout. What else you would expect from a Nephilim who are by their very nature evil?

Anyways what I thought was interesting was a couple different verses in it. I’ve only read a little bit of it but guess what I already found?? Looks like my theory about unclean animals being genetically mixed WERE correct. Check out these two parts from the confirmed ancient writings of King Og: 

In the first one King Og is talking about raising his son. Check out the last sentence of the first paragraph.

“I taught him the ways of Baal of the earth, the managing of my kingdom, the ways of the giant lizards, the ways of the elephant and rhinoceros, and the ways of the floating beasts.” (all “unclean” animals).”

And now in the part below check out where King Og says “Creeping cloven hoofed monsters that ruled with the sons of gods/the giants”.

“…..and the great beasts of old. Creeping, cloven hoofed monsters that ruled with the sons of God, the giants, the men of reknown. Connected in heart and mind, and unstoppable before the gods….one mind and one heart they ruled. These men of old and their beasts driven before. Beasts that controlled the men as the men controlled the beasts.”

The Lost Book of King Og

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  1. This makes so much sense. I would think eating these animals somehow damages us physically or spiritually (both probably). I am thinking, autoimmunity, allergies, IBS, etc. With the newish information about the gut-brain axis/ and that there are serotonin receptors in the gut, it would make sense that would cause depression and anxiety as well. Dr. Laura Sanger wrote an article about how parasites affect us and can actually control their host’s thinking and behaviors. The unclean animals would have those types of parasites. I am speculating, but it all makes so much sense. Thanks for your articles.

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